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Can I buy replacement parts for my KeepCup?

KeepCup products are made to last, with a modular design and replacement parts available so you can replace the part, not the product.

You can buy replacement parts for KeepCup Original, KeepCup Brew and KeepCup Thermal press lid ranges on our website’s replacement parts section. KeepCup bottle parts are not yet available.

Please note, our US store offers very limited replacement parts due to current range, demand and logistical challenges. Unfortunately replacement parts are not available in Canada.

How do I care for my KeepCup or Bottle?

Want to know if you can put your KeepCup in the dishwasher? Or your bottle in the freezer? We’ve put together a full care and guide for all KeepCup products with everything you need to know:

Press fit KeepCup range

KeepCup Bottle

Why plastic? Are KeepCups BPA and BPS free?

You can find information about all our materials, including why we use plastic, on our materials page.

All KeepCups are free from BPA, BPS, phthalates, lead and cadmium. We regularly independently lab test all KeepCup products to meet various global food safe requirements which include; EU, FDA, Prop 65, BPA & BPS Free, Chinese GB.

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